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UTU’s “Sailor’s Wife” - single version. The album version will sound better, since it was mastered with full analog equipment at Kick Out The Jams. This track was released at the same time with “Calm Way To Go” (see the earlier post for that)

This is the single version of UTU’s “Calm Way to Go”, the final version sounds a bit different since it is mastered with full analog equipment. I will post the new version, when we get the album released.

I did all the recording, editing, mixing and fixing, except three tracks of upright bass. I also play the guitar alongside some various instruments.

Top 40 greatest synth sounds of all time…


Ok, this was an interesting read but I’m really disappointed there is no Jean-Michel Jarre, Edgar Varese, Oscar Sala or even Kraftwerk mentioned on this one!!! Also the “fact” provided here is you can’t go wrong with a layered sawtooth sound with some detuning and reverb.. How dull is that? There are so many options with other waveforms and techniques (frequency modulation for instance), it is a grief this article mainly focuses on praising just the sawtooth, squarewave and layering samples on top of other, playing around with cutoff and resonance.

Where is Rick Wakeman? Where are other supercool 70’s italo proge sounds and Ennio Morricones synthlines??

I got really inspired by Gary Numan’s work though, never before had I really listened his songs, just the one’s remixed by some ripoffs..

Also the instructions how to construct your own sounds were a bit off in my opinion.. For instance the Kernkraft 4000 song, I think the bassline and the lead sound are played with the very same synth, at the same time.

Maybe I’ll make my own list of 40 of my favourite synth sounds.

The Overtone Inspector is currently asleep. I am mixing UTU’s longplay at the moment.

The Overtone Inspector is currently asleep. I am mixing UTU’s longplay at the moment.

Ernesto Aeroflot : Got Out

Here’s my latest album. It’s kinda compilation of stuff I made during the years of not releasing Ernesto Aeroflot music and focusing on other projects.

Got Out by ernestoaeroflot

Cover art

Our Muse Is Electronic: Analog vs. Digital Recording

Here’s a good essay about sound re-producing techniques. Thanks electronicmuze for this :)


Just a quick write on the history and some thoughts I’ve personally came upon regarding the matter. It was Initially a paper for class, but I think it’s fitting to blog.

——- For the past few years there has recently been huge debate with regards to recording methods centering around our most…
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Putrefactive Disease - Friendly Grandpa (2012)

Putrefactive Disease - Visceral Rot (2012)

Putrefactive Disease - Crypt of the Decayed (2012)

Putrefactive Disease - Re-Animator (2012)